Automated Part Flush Units vs. Conventional Multi-Stage Parts Washers

Special design parts cleaning system photo 1

Special design parts cleaning system photo 2

A major automotive manufacturer recently installed new automated machinery that was designed and built by Ultra Tech Machinery. Ultra Tech was contacted for the project because the company was reconfiguring multiple machining lines and needed to find an affordable and efficient way to deal with post machining chip removal while transferring parts through multiple machining operations.

After carefully assessing the automotive manufacturer’s requirements, Ultra Tech recommended adding new automated machinery to the line.

Ultra Tech’s expert team designed and built new part flush units for the manufacturer that would automatically reorient parts during the flush cycle to better direct the fluid flow and improve runoff to remove trapped chips. This unique automated machinery solution provided several benefits for the automotive manufacturer, including:

  • Increased flexibility on the machining line,
  • A significantly smaller footprint than conventional multi-stage washers,
  • Quicker process time, and
  • More efficient operation at a much lower cost when compared to conventional parts washers.

In addition to these benefits, the cost to install the automated machinery was approximately 50-60% less than the cost of a conventional parts washer, making the decision to move forward with the automated part flush units easy.

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