How Custom Equipment Can Maximize Productivity and Efficiency

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Special purpose rotary transfer machine photo 1

Special purpose rotary transfer machine photo 2

When exploring options for what type of equipment to purchase for making your part, a custom machine may well provide the best solution. Custom machines provide specific solutions for specific applications and, therefore, offer the most efficient and cost-effective method of manufacturing.

Here is a brief review of some of the primary benefits of custom machines, using a rotary transfer machine as an example:

  • Quality – In most cases a custom rotary transfer machine allows you to complete the part in one clamping creating the optimal scenario for holding and maintaining tight tolerance, high volume work.
  • Efficiency – With the ability to employ up to twelve, 3 axes (X, Y & Z) modules simultaneously, cycle times can be dramatically reduced, in most cases to as short as 8 – 15 seconds on a complex work piece. Automatic tool changers and/or Turret heads can also be introduced at any station allowing for maximum future flexibility.
  • Space savings – By completing a part on one single custom rotary transfer machine verses multiple single spindle machines, occupied floor space is drastically reduced as well as power consumption.
  • Automation - In many cases customers choose to load and unload their custom rotary transfer machine robotically, thereby saving time and labor.

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