• Complete CNC Lathe Rebuild

  • 68 axis Rotary Transfer Siemens Control Upgrade

  • Complete CNC Lathe Rebuild

  • Wheel Spinning Machine Rebuild

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As a machine tool supplier and special machine builder, Ultra Tech Machinery is a highly qualified machine rebuilder. Depending on machine condition and customer requirements, we can provide a complete machine tool rebuild or upgrade of the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or controls. An Ultra Tech machine tool rebuild will bring the machine back to “as new” condition. When contracted for a rebuild, the first phase involves machine teardown and evaluation to determine what components need replacement. The evaluation will be reviewed and approved by our customer prior to proceeding to the rebuild phase. In many cases we have reverse engineered components to offer design enhancements or to replace obsolete components.

In addition to a machine tool rebuild, Ultra Tech Machinery can provide machine control retrofitting. Existing machine controls, as well as drives and motors, can be replaced with the latest technology available. Ultra Tech has significant experience with Rockwell, Siemens, and GE Fanuc control systems.

When purchasing new special purpose machines
isn’t possible, consider the alternative of an
Ultra Tech machine tool rebuild.
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