Why You Should Rebuild Instead of Buying New

Okuma machine rebuild and control retrofit - Before Rebuild 1

Okuma machine rebuild and control retrofit - After Rebuild 1

Okuma machine rebuild and control retrofit - Before Rebuild 2

Okuma machine rebuild and control retrofit - After Rebuild 2

Sooner or later every manufacturing company is going to face the difficult decision of whether to buy new equipment or do a machine tool rebuild project. With all the bells and whistles of new technology, it may be tempting to go with a new machine but a machine tool rebuild often can be the better choice.

Here are 3 reasons your manufacturing company should consider a machine tool rebuild:

  1. Reduced downtimes: Once upon a time your only option for a machine tool rebuild was to send the machine back to the original equipment manufacturer. These OEMs were quite often located far away and you were looking at downtimes of at least 5-6 months. Ultra Tech, conveniently located near Cleveland, Ohio, offers complete machine tool rebuilds with a fraction of the downtime. Rebuilds can be completed through a combination of innovative simulation work (with no need to take the machine off-line at all) and time right on the shop floor – no need to send your machine away. Downtimes can be reduced to less than 2 months in many cases.

  2. Increased capability and flexibility and shorter set-up times: Current state-of-the-art control and drive technology typically used in a machine tool rebuild project typically even far surpasses the performance of old CNC technology. Additionally the new technology used in your machine tool rebuild usually allows for improvements in flexibility. For example, fixtures can be opened independently, making setup a lot easier and less time consuming than with the older technology.

  3. Decreased cost: New machines typically can cost from hundreds of thousands of dollars to several million and represent a significant investment for manufacturers. A machine tool rebuild can restore a machine to better than new condition with increased capabilities, flexibility and decreased setup times for as little as 30% of the cost of a new machine.

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