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  • Robotic Load – Unload Cell

  • Overhead Robotic Gantry

  • Robotic Material Removal Cell

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Ultra Tech has been both a user and supplier of robotic automation since our company started. While we have integrated robots from a number of different manufacturers, we have partnered with the industry leaders FANUC Robotics and Yaskawa Motoman.

We are known as metal processing experts but our robotic automation expertise doesn’t stop there. We have a wide variety of robotic automation experience which includes:

  • Machine Loading
  • Material Transfer
  • Material Removal
  • Part Marking / labeling
  • Palletizing

We also have experience with vision systems, laser marking / measuring systems and significant experience interfacing to various machine controllers.

The robotic automation services we provide include :

  • Automation safety risk assessments
  • 3D System Simulations
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    on Universal Automation System.
    End of arm tooling design and build
  • Robot programming
  • Peripheral equipment
  • Safety fencing / guarding
  • System Controls
  • System Installation
  • Complete total turnkey solutions

When you work with Ultra Tech you can rest assured that you are not just buying equipment, you are buying a reliable process solution.

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