The Case for Robotic Automation

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The need for robotic automation grows daily as manufacturers seek new ways to operate as efficiently as possible and to be as responsive as possible to customers.

Robotic automation’s solid reliability and wide-ranging capabilities make automating an obvious choice to reach these goals. Revamping existing operations with robotics or adding new automated manufacturing lines can provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved Process Control – Resulting in higher quality and more throughput
  • Better Machine Utilization – Providing a better return on investment for the machine
  • Higher Production Capacity – Creating more uptime and the potential to run unattended operations
  • Increased Flexibility – Providing the ability to adapt to changing production requirements

Implementing robotic automation, however, is only part of the solution. The real key to successful automation is careful system design by an experienced company that takes the time to discover and understand a customer’s true needs and goals.

A good automation and system design provider should be able to offer automation safety risk assessments and be able to demonstrate considerable expertise in a wide array of capabilities, such as:

  • Vision Systems
  • Parts Marking
  • Machine Controller Interfaces

With 20+ years of experience, Ultra Tech has both the automation and manufacturing expertise to ensure a successful project that meets the customer’s ultimate needs.

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Fanuc robotic turnkey cell

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